Here are some films completed since 2014. Please scroll down and view in whatever order you like.
The shortest are first........



The Weiner Library held an International Artists' Book Competition, offering duplicate books to artists to transform on the theme ofDisplaced. The artist Julia Mason won with Uprooted.


Two older dancers learn and practice a series of dancing phrases while they and their choreo-grapher reflect on migration and what it means to each of them.


Sage Dance Company
A frenetic two-hour shoot in a Camden pub with a company of older dancers created this film for the Capital Age Festival celebrating older Londoners.

I Was The Job
A choir of older people sings of the hazards of retirement in a brilliant song written by Clair Chapwell. Filming took place as they laid down the track in a recording studio.

Hidden Twins
This performance by older dancers draws on the emotional tugs to which twins are subject. One moment a close attachment and then, just a swiftly, a dispute....but separation is impossible. Such a close relationship has both joys and unhappiness so needs to achieve a resolution.


Singing for the Brain
Singing and dancing bring relaxation and pleasure to people with dementia. Songs are retained longer in the memory so singing brings renewed confidence to people who are losing cognitive skills.


1,000 Petty Indignities
An artist, dismayed by welfare cuts and the migrant crisis, made a powerful interactive artwork. She invites members of the public to take part by re-opening or sewing cut 'wounds'. They respond in ways that are moving and unexpected.